International School Algarve

Play in the Parque 2018

This year’s Play in the Parque, now in its 12th year, was called “Pirates of the Can of Beans - The Curse of the Black Plastic Bag" and took the audience on a magical journey to a desert island in the middle of the ocean.  Captain Pugwash and Jack Sparrow are shipwrecked and believe their ship "The Can of Beans" hit an iceberg and sank.
However Long John Silver's trusty parrot knows better: in fact they hit a giant plastic island.  Many colourful characters appear on the island and they are all dismayed at the amount of plastic in the sea.  In the end the mighty King Neptune appears and gives the audience some top tips on how to use less plastic and turn the tide on this ecological disaster.  As always the action was sprinkled with surprise cabaret acts and lots of good old-fashioned family fun.